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Are you facing some uncertainties in your local school district? Our Omaha learning center supports school-age children and their families by providing flexible schedules, and now a full-day program option is also available. 

Our school-age program is the ideal solution to keep kids active and safe during pre- and after-school hours. We provide them with homework and activities such as games, crafts, and reading. We also have quiet spaces where they can relax and a designated area to complete their assignments. School-age children will experience a very open-ended curriculum. They will help teachers prepare activities for when they are not in school, like summer and holiday breaks.

We do not need to tell you how excited children can get once schools are closed for the summer, but precisely what are their activities during their free months? Plans for the summer are the talk of school children everywhere as spring comes to a close. Will your children be able to proudly say that they are planning probably the most thrilling summer ever? For more information about our exciting summer program, please inquire about our summer day camp. Exciting activities will fill your children’s summer hours. Kids will meet new friends that they can mingle with during lunch or after classes. After many months in school, working hard to have good grades, don’t you think your children deserve to have a little fun? Being outdoors is healthy and refreshing, and your kids can experience this when they join our summer camp. Regular classes are structured, but at our summer camp, your kids do not have to be bored with the usual lessons. We have plenty of physical activities for your children,  and we provide healthy snacks, too. 

School-age kids are incredibly active, curious, and eager to learn. They are cooperative and can create good friendships with their peers. Their desire to be independent and take on responsibility allows them to become genuinely delightful little individuals. Our curriculum includes a range of opportunities made to satisfy the unique learning needs of each child. When you decide to choose our Papillion daycare, you and your school-age kid become a part of our big, loving family! 

Choosing the right educational institution for your children is among the most crucial choices you can make as parents. We like to assure you that our school-age care program provides quality educational services, nurturing gross motor skills, giving an excellent learning environment for children.

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What should you expect with our before and after school programs? When you are busy, you want a before, and after school program, you can depend on. You don’t have to look far because Bright Minds Learning Center LLC is the one you can rely on. Rain or shine, our doors are wide open, providing the convenience you are searching for. We offer convenient choices to help you with your hectic schedules.

We place family first, and we consider both your school-age children and you as part of our family. Children at school-age tend to have better control over their specific behaviors. 


Our experienced staff members, who are competent care providers, ensure that every school-age under their care receive particular attention, and nurture. We are meticulous in choosing our childcare Omaha providers. All of our team members receive continuous training, so they are always updated on the latest school-age care education methods. 

We will pick up your children and bring them to school at no additional cost. We will also get them back to your home at the end of the day. Once they arrive at our school, they will be warmly welcomed by familiar faces. They will be fed a healthy snack and given time to play with their friends. We provide special-needs and typical children between the ages of five to twelve a chance to play and learn together. Our school-age kids benefit from small class sizes, caring and involved teachers, and lots of fun activities. Our teachers are very approachable as they lead play activities and projects alongside kids, enabling them to help kids navigate through social difficulties and foster good peer interactions. 

Our teachers believe in the importance of building strong relationships with parents and children, as they also believe that a supportive family is crucial for children’s education. Teachers and parents can develop partnerships to guarantee that children’s particular requirements are met, and their potentials are reached.

As educators, our team is committed to helping kids explore existing interests and develop new ones through our before and after school programs. We encourage children’s curiosity and creativity by offering a selection of learning opportunities, all while having the chance to invest time in our six varied interest areas. We prepare young children to be ready for elementary school and be on track once they become school-age pupils. Structured and monitored, this particular program at our daycare West Omaha offers a fantastic start and finish to each school day for ages five to twelve.

To better improve our programs, we encourage parents to stay involved and give valuable feedback. 

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We know that now more than ever, your focus is on guaranteeing that your children are on track with their education. We are here to help do that. Our teachers are trained to support community school district distance learning; therefore, they can ensure that kids stay on course. Kids spend the majority of their time juggling assignments, extracurricular activities, and friendships. They crave the freedom to discover things that interest them most, and our daycare Omaha provides the structure to do that and provide essential skills for their future. We help them discover what fascinates them through a wide variety of special interest groups, igniting their imaginations. Since these kids attend our program after school, their classrooms are organized to be mainly recreational. Many of the activities we offer are planned to boost children’s skills to interact positively and independently, be responsible for themselves, and determine how they can play individual and team games. When you check the parent counter, you will see our daily schedules, and on the whiteboard, you will view what the kids chose to do. We motivate them to plan independently, and we supply them with whatever they need to implement their ideas.

We love for the parents to be engaged. When the kids arrive at the school street by bus, our staff will sign them in. However, parents will still be responsible for signing them out and picking them up. We believe that your presence makes your children a valued member of a group of genuinely good kids. We also recognize that parents frequently need updates on their children’s behavior and routines while in care. However, teachers are often engaged with other children, so they may not always be available to talk with you. However, we can make special arrangements to accommodate you. Come by and have lunch, read a story, or spend time with us. Let us know if you have suggestions for a field trip or activity you would love us to do. We welcome your feedback. 

Each hour of every day, we have your child’s very best interests at heart as they form lasting friendships, explore brand new experiences, and unravel hidden talents. Our goal is to help your kid improve their uniqueness. The most important lesson your kid will find at our preschool Omaha NE is that the sky’s the limit!

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We provide a safe, structured setting that balances fun and learning. Our programs include field trips, enrichment opportunities, engaging learning centers, and chances to extend learning outside of the school day. We follow the YMCA of the USA School Age Child Care Curriculum Framework, including the nine core content areas. These content areas are Humanities and Arts, Service Learning, Character Development, Health, Fitness and Wellness, Homework Support, Literacy, Science and Technology, Social Competence, and Conflict Resolution. We also give your kids the chance to get to know several of their classmates much better outside school as they indulge in active play and collaborate on fun projects. In the process, they will have the physical, informative, social, and emotional abilities essential for success. Our Omaha daycare serves more than 1,500 kids from kindergarten through 5th grade daily, providing secure, quality, affordable after-school care. Our learning center offers the best child care that meets each family and child’s requirements in a safe, enriching, and nurturing environment.

Our program starts immediately after school (even on early release days) and closes at 6:30 pm on regular school days. We are closed on all student holidays. Our daily schedule differs per campus, so be sure to check what schedule works for you. Sometimes, the number of students may exceed the campus’ capacity, which we want to avoid. If you want your children to attend a campus that has already reached its maximum capacity, you will be placed on a waitlist during the enrollment process. Enrollment is done weekly, so we can let you know if slots become available. We are glad to assist you by any means we can! Call us today